Submitting Artwork

We offer the convenience of online ordering to expedite your order. You can submit your artwork to us in a variety of ways. We run all files through Esko Deskpack preflight software to check for potential problems. Due to the complexities of processing files, our quoted pricing assumes that your project will meet the following criteria:

Printing Capabilities

KLC prints using flexography. As we must build traps and distortions into the art for the flexographic process, we prefer art in digital format. We output plates on a Esko CDI Spark 2530. Out preferred line screen is 150-line. KLC has multicolor capability of 150-line.

Software Compatibility

We use the Adobe Creative Suite Software to produce 4-color process at KLC.

File Specification

We accept the follow application file formats.

  • Adobe Illustrator: ai
  • Adobe Photoshop: psd *(must be submitted in CMYK for 4 process printing only)
  • pdf
  • eps

Please include any fonts used in the file.

Word processing files are not suitable for quality art and connot be used as artwork.

Negatives and Hard Copy

We can only accept computer files for use with 4-color process; negatives and hard copies lose too much detail in the distortion process.

Now you're ready to submit your artwork:

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.